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Melting Point Metalworks (MPM) is a metal fabrication shop dedicated to delighting customers with quality metal products while providing MPM stakeholders with a creative outlet, stable work, fulfilling effort of time and lucrative investment of resources.


Melting Point Metalworks was started by a pair of friends in Brownsburg, Indiana. Josh Cleveland and Jamie Schmiedicke both held corporate jobs that paid the bills, but at the end of each day, they were left with no energy for family, personal growth, creativity, or fun.  Coming from different backgrounds, training, and experience, Josh and Jamie discovered a common desire to get away from the rat race and back to family, hard work, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Relying on Josh’s wide-ranging metalwork experience and Jamie’s technical background and structured approach, Melting Point Metalworks has a “can-do” attitude and finds that no job is too big or too small as they work with clients to deliver unique and custom solutions to fit their needs.  The business works hard to uphold a reputation for quality work, satisfied customers, and commitment to community.

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Josh and Jaime's passion for this business came from two unique places, so it was their friendship that allowed them to discover their love for such a unique industry. 


Josh spent time in the racing, aerospace, and manufacturing industries, continuing to hone his skills, absorb as much knowledge as possible, and accumulate almost 20 years of experience.  

For Jaime, when something needed repair, he loved using his father's tools to figure out how to do it. He enjoyed tinkering with toys, cameras, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, and cars.


Melting Point Metalworks is a fantastic opportunity for them to get back to working with their hands, learning new skills, and working with a purpose to create products that bring joy to others.

Josh under a welding hood

Josh Cleveland

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Josh was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN.  Josh’s life in metalwork started at a young age during his industrial arts classes in junior high school. After high school Josh attended Ivy Tech for 2 years and studied Information Technology, however his passion for creating things with his hands led him back to welding and fabrication. 

He and his wife settled into Brownsburg, IN. in 2009 and instantly fell in love with the community and started their family. Josh is passionate about working hard to provide a good life for his wife and 2 sons and considers Melting Point Metalworks a dream come true. When he isn’t welding and fabricating Josh enjoys working on old cars, boating with his family and off-roading with his 2 sons.

Jamie on a railing install job

Jamie Schmiedicke

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Jamie grew up in West Lafayette, IN where he entertained himself with the outdoors and hands-on hobbies as a youngster.  Jamie graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University ​which he utilized in various jobs in design engineering, consulting, and service delivery management. He found that 21 years of sitting full days on a computer or teleconference was unfulfilling.

Jamie and his wife ​lived in Cincinnati for 9 years, then returned to their Indiana roots - settling in Brownsburg in 2003 to raise their two boys.  Jamie enjoys photography and hiking, biking, and boating with family and friends. 

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